App24 Taxi Booking

App 24 brings to you a host of options to commute short and long distances by means of your choice, such as bikes, autos, and cars of various categories.

What is RIDE NOW with App24?

You can book an App24 Taxis instantly from your App24 using RIDE NOW option.

All you need to do is:-

- Turn on your phone's Locations settings (Location or GPS) to make a booking.

Login to your App24. On Logging in, you'll be shown cabs that are near your location.
{Note-If you are a first time user, you will need to Create an Account with App24 to avail App24 services. 

-On Logging in, you will be shown the cabs available near your location.

- Set up your pickup location and enter your drop location on Book your Ride screen by either moving the location pin on the map to your exact desired pickup/drop location or by selecting the exact address from the search bar.

- Select a cab type and then click RIDE NOW

- Tap CONFIRM to make your booking.

You will receive a booking confirmation on your App24 screen. You will be able to view your ride details, cab location on the map, and the time your driver will take to pick you up on your App24 screen.

You will also receive your ride details (cab & driver details) through push notification.