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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not! Designer shoes require specialised care. LaundryBasket offers expert cleaning with gentle methods and proper materials, ensuring your shoes stay pristine.

DIY wedding gown cleaning is risky. We have specialized laundry vendors who will take care of it. They use specialized techniques and cleaning agents to safely restore your gown's original beauty without any damage.

Don't risk damaging your precious bag with DIY solutions. Our expert laundry vendors identify the stain type and use proven methods to remove it without harming the leather, fabric, or hardware.

LaundryBasket makes eco-friendly laundry easy: Opt for our eco-friendly cleaning options: Biodegradable detergents and garment bags reduce your carbon footprint. Air dry your clothes whenever possible: Save energy and look good while doing your part for the planet. Reusable laundry bags and mesh hampers: Reduce waste and keep your laundry organized. Durable clothing materials: Invest in pieces that need less frequent washing. Schedule regular laundry with LaundryBasket: Avoid last-minute rush orders and their associated carbon footprint.

LaundryBasket caters to all your laundry needs, including bulky items! We have the expertise and equipment to handle curtains, rugs, and blankets with thorough cleaning and proper care. Booking and scheduling are a breeze through our app.

LaundryBasket understands budgets. Here are some ways to save: Promotions and Loyalty programs: Enjoy special offers and cashback rewards for repeat customers. Plan ahead: Schedule regular laundry runs to avoid rush fees for urgent orders. Wash and dry basics at home: Save on professional cleaning for everyday wear. Eco-friendly options: Air drying reduces energy consumption and potential charges. Bundle up: Share laundry needs with friends or neighbors for bulk discounts.

Finding the best laundry service can be tough, but here's how LaundryBasket simplifies it: Convenience: Skip the search with our user-friendly app. Book, track, and manage your laundry with a few taps. Quality: We partner with trusted vendors who use expert techniques and top-notch equipment. Say goodbye to laundry mishaps! Transparency: Crystal-clear pricing, real-time order updates, and satisfaction guarantees build trust and peace of mind. Variety: From designer shoes to wedding gowns and bulky items like curtains, we handle it all. No need for multiple services. Customer Reviews: Check out our stellar reviews and see what other Dubai residents love about LaundryBasket!

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